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Sun sign Aquarius - Career

Independent, humane, distant, Friendly and humanitarian.
Honest and loyal.
Original and inventive. Independent and intellectual. Intractable and contrary. Perverse and unpredictable. Unemotional and detached.

They may become inventors of some kind. Some do extremely well working in communications, the airlines, or the technical areas of television or radio.

Despite their keen sense of ambition they enjoy and arc good at work which allows them to express their concern for humanity. They make excellent field or social workers or administrators for large charitable organizations. Not obsessive about income but their projects must be fulfilling.

Aquarians are often quite seriously disturbed if they are kept waiting for final decisions, or feel some change hovering over them without knowing precisely when it will happen. A sudden decision (whether their own or someone else's) is not nearly as difficult for them.

Their quick reactions may even make them leave a well-established job given enough provocation. They should try not to let the prospect of retirement make them miserable for ten years before the event, instead gradually building up new areas of interest that can fill more of their lives when the time comes.

If their work has been dull, uninteresting or too conventional, they need to find other ways to express fully their originality and creative or scientific flair. They should give special thought to ways in which spare-time work can bolster their retirement interests and income.

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Aquarians must have a free rein to do whatever is expected of them in their own way, uninhibited by continual advice or the insistence on a particular regime. They have to express their inventiveness in their work, whether creative or scientific.
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