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Aquarian Career Path




Aquarians are Independent, original, adventurous, lively, optimistic.

Aquarian will need curb any eccentric tendencies.

Try being an Electrician, electrical engineer, inventive/experimenal or scientific work.

As an Aquarian do you have striking a personal appearance, friendly charming, or stubborn?

To develop flexibility and not to suppress emotional needs.

Are you Communicative, argumentative, perverse, sometimes zany, but fun?

To become less unpredictable, you need more variety.

Possible careers include: Optician, the airlines, an astronomer, telecommunications, or disc jockey.

Sometimes are you emotional, sometimes cool, caring and protective?


Meteorologist, radiographer, charity work, geriatric nursing, ecology.

Are you a Romantic Aquarian, but not always loving, bossy?

You need to show off, but to like others to keep their distance.

Theater/TV lighting specialist, display artist, jeweler, performer of some kind, own business or stripper.

Is your Aquarian Energy a Nervous energy, will show independence as cover-up for some insecurity?

As an Aquarian you need toacquire a steady pace in life and greater self-confidence.

Conservation, yoga teacher, biologist, mathematician, medical/scientific research or tailoring.

Are you Likely to be good-looking but vain, charming, romantic?

To come to terms with Aquarian independence and need to relate?

Try Interior decoration, fashion, the airlines, film/TV industry, and charity fund raising

An Inventive Aquarian?, clever, intense, stubborn, self-analytical?

To come to terms with powerful Aquarian emotional content.

Try being a TV engineer, the air force, medical profession, psychologist, researcher, genealogist.

Are you a Communicative Aquarian?, optimistic, with a breadth of vision.

Not to ignore others' needs/feelings when expressing your independence.

Teacher of literature or languages, exports, veterinary surgeon, publishing, the law.

A Cool, logical, unemotional, ambitious, friendly Aquarian?

Not to become too distant towards loved ones, due to career involvement.

Try Anthropology, an archaeologist, scientist, mathematician, inventor, or business man/woman.

Are you an Extremely logical, independent, a very private Aquarian?

To remember that no person is an island.

The cut glass/crystal trades, television, airlines, humanitarian work where a level head is required.

Are you Creative? Like art or craft work, photography, film making, charity work, the priesthood? Humility, creative power, perhaps sense of vocation. To have the courage of convictions and self belief.

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