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Aquarius Birthday Astrology forecast.


Sorry, there is no relevant astrological data at this time.

This time may make you fall under the heavy burden of responsibility, and you will probably have to work hard to equate yourself well. However, this transit also marks a time when many projects come to fruition, especially large ones. You should resist "selling short", though, just to finish work.

You have new heightened sensitivity to others, and amplify your physical attractiveness.

The desire for intimacy and love with a partner is great at this time, with the expression of affections being most satisfying to you. Also, this is an excellent time for taking part in social activities with friends.

This marks a time when your plans (perhaps the ones you made six months ago on your birthday) may appear to have failed, but don't give up too soon. If defeat is inevitable then now is a golden opportunity to make changes that blossom real soon.

You are apt to embark on several new relationships, as the opportunity for meeting new people is great during this time.

Also, you may be prone to engage in romantic action, which is considered avant-garde or original since this is a good time for you to freely, and openly express desires.

This time marks a period of self-control although you may reminisce and feel the urge to visit old friends or go to places you used to go.

You accentuate your power of attraction. Intimacy with a loved one transcends existing boundaries now.

Sing the praises of your spirituality and marks a resurgence of idealism in your life. Material concerns seem much less important than the love of another.

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AQUARIUS BIRTHDAY - Free September 2012 Astrology Report and Forecast for Aquarius

Trading places you may tend to quarrel with family members, particularly if you take an active interest in improving the home on your conditions. This is a good time to try to foster a sense of togetherness and "team play" among family members, and you should try hard at this time to squelch the desire to do everything "by yourself".

The next few months designates a time in which you may worry, excessively, about home life and domestic security. Additionally, there may be some family "skeleton in the cupboard" which either comes out in the open or is hidden from relatives at this time.

A common interest in spiritual and mystical values among family members may occur at this time, too.

This month marks a time when relations with a spouse or business partner are on a solid ground. Expressing affections should come easily at this time and can do much good for your disposition now.

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