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Introduction to Astrology
The Sun sign
Contrary to popular belief, the Sun sign is not necessarily the most important feature of the birth chart or horoscope. The characteristics that the Sun sign reveals are modified and affected by all the other factors in the chart. The Sun works most powerfully from Leo.
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The Sun through the houses
The Sun represents our vitality and self-expression, and its house position shows the sphere of life in which our energy will be most positively used. The Sun works most powerfully from the fifth house.
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The aspects of the Sun
These are very important, for they show the way in which the planets own influence will express itself in the individual concerned. In particular, look out for a possible aspect between the Sun and the ruling planet of the chart; this will be especially important.
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The Moon sign
We react instinctively and intuitively in the manner of the Moon sign, and will also show those attributes we inherit from our parents and forbearers. If these are inhibiting, we have to work to free ourselves from them. The Moon works most powerfully from Cancer.
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The Moon through the houses
The Moon's house position shows the area of life in which we act unconsciously and intuitively. The Moon works most powerfully from the fourth house.
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The aspects of the Moon
Unfortunately, the aspects that the Moon makes to the planets, the Ascendant, and the Midheaven cannot be dealt with in this pack. For further information concerning the Moon, see also Astrology and You, pages 80-81, The Influence of the Moon.
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The Mercury sign
The planet Mercury predominantly affects the mind, and from its sign position we can discover the way that our minds work - rationally, logically, or intuitively - and how we best reach decisions and communicate with others. Mercury's orbit is between the Earth and Sun; therefore, it can only be in the same sign as the Sun, or the one immediately before and after. Mercury works most powerfully when it is placed in Gemini.
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Mercury through the houses
Mercury's house position shows the area of life in which we apply our mental energy. The planet Mercury works most powerfully from the third and sixth houses. [Read More]

The Aspects of Mercury
Any planet to which Mercury forms an aspect will to some extent be "intellectualized" by its influence. Its negative aspects can produce tension and stress, although it usually sharpens the faculties. The planet offers considerable potential for the lively expression of ideas.
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The Venus sign
Venus influences the way in which we relate to other people, both socially and economically, and have much to do with our attitude to both love and money. Like that of Mercury, Venus' orbit lies between the Earth and Sun, and Venus can therefore only be in the Sun's sign, or in one of the two signs immediately before or after it. Venus works most powerfully from Libra.
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Venus through the houses
If Venus is in either the second or seventh house, its influence will be especially strong. The individual will have a great need to relate to other people within the sphere of life represented by the planet's house position. Venus works most powerfully from the seventh house.
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The aspects of Venus
Venus is a beneficial planet, and its effect is invariably positive - although it can sometimes unduly exaggerate the action of a planet with which it is in aspect. Beware that the considerable charm Venus brings does not encourage an individual to take advantage of others.
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The Mars sign
Mars can fall in any sign of the zodiac, and its position influences the flow of adrenalin, our physical energy, our spirit of competitiveness and assertiveness, and the vigor of our sex drive. Mars works most powerfully from Aries.
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Mars through the houses
Mars will energize the affairs governed by the house in which it is placed, persuading us to expend much energy on them. Aspects to Mars will show whether we are likely to do this aggressively or positively. Mars works most powerfully from the first house.
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The aspects of Mars
Mars will invigorate and energize any planet to which it forms an aspect, but it is important to consider whether its influence is positive or negative - whether the energy will be properly released or inhibited. If the energy is repressed, it may cause tension and stress.
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The Jupiter sign
Jupiter is connected with intellectual and physical expansion, and is associated with the acquisition of knowledge. It helps us to develop a philosophical attitude toward life, and encourages us to understand foreign countries and people. Those who have the planet strongly placed or emphasized in their chart will usually be broadminded and optimistic, directing these qualities in the manner of the sign. The negative side of the planet can veer toward exaggeration, extravagance, and blind optimism. Jupiter works most powerfully from Sagittarius.
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Jupiter through the houses
Jupiter will help to expand the experience of those areas of life emphasized by the house in which it is placed; the subject should find little difficulty in those areas. Jupiter works most powerfully from the ninth house.
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The aspects of Jupiter
When Jupiter receives trines from the Sun, Mars, or Saturn, the individual's personality is likely to be significantly broadened and expanded as a result.
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The Saturn sign
Saturn represents authority and the inner voice, often of a father figure. This voice should be taken very seriously: only bad will come of ignoring the strong intimate urging of conscience. Saturn works most powerfully from Capricorn.
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Saturn through the houses
The sphere of life indicated by the house in which Saturn is placed will be taken seriously and may under certain circumstances become burdensome, so that a strong effort of will is necessary for success. Saturn works most powerfully from the tenth house.
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The aspects of Saturn
The aspects of Saturn should not be ignored, although they will appear in a great many birth charts. These aspects can be inhibiting but also stabilizing.
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The Uranus sign
Uranus sheds a generational influence over a great number of people; therefore, that influence is general - unless the planet is "personalized" (see "Personalized" planets overleaf for further information). Uranus rules Aquarius and works most powerfully from that sign.
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Uranus through the houses
The concerns of the house in which Uranus falls can give rise to unexpected events, fluctuations, and changes; this is potentially a stressful influence. Uranus works most powerfully from the eleventh house.
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The aspects of Uranus
This is another generational influence - but consider the house and sign position; if they strengthen its influence there will be an indication of the general attitude toward the concerns of contemporaries.
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The Neptune sign
Since Neptune stays in each sign for fourteen years, it exerts a mass influence on the people who were born within its generation. As it travels through the sky, it exerts an influence on everyday life, but this involves "progression," which we cannot deal with in this pack.
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Neptune through the houses
Our attitude toward the affairs connected with the house in which Neptune is placed tends to be rather fuzzy, uncertain, and confused - even if the birth chart shows fortitude and common sense, we tend to look for the easy way out of problems concerned with the matters signified by the house. The planet Neptune works most powerfully from the twelfth house.
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The aspects of Neptune
It is probably more important to consider the aspects Neptune makes to the Ascendant and to the Midheaven, rather than to the other planets.
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The Pluto sign
Pluto stays in the same sign for between thirteen and thirty-two years. Consequently it exerts a generation influence (not as important as that of Neptune).
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Pluto through the houses
The house in which Pluto falls will represent some difficulties, and as it moves through the sky it will cause congestion, blockages, overreactions - sometimes a purge of these matters. Again, this relies on the everyday movements of this planet, but unfortunately we cannot deal with this here - yet another reason to take your study of astrology even further!
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The aspects of Pluto
Pluto's aspects to the Ascendant and the Midheaven extremely powerful, and should be carefully considered.... although they depend utterly on the complete accuracy of the birth chart or horoscope, and fine calculations are needed to make sure that they are exact.
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The wheel of the zodiac is divided into twelve sections known as houses: these do not coincide with the sections in your birth chart that represent the signs. Each house traditionally represents certain areas of life, and the planets' effects are channeled toward those areas.
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The first house
The house of Aries and Mars, and the most important house of the chart, reveals the personality: psychological motivation, health, well-being, temperament, attitude, and physical characteristics. Any planet in the first house will have a very strong effect on the personality.
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The second house
The house of Taurus and Venus shows the general attitude toward partner and possessions, as well as emotional and perhaps financial security.
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The third house
This is the house of Gemini and Mercury. This house is concerned with brothers and sisters, uncles, aunts, and cousins. The third house has an influence on the reaction powers of communication, and attitude is also affected.
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The fourth house
The house of Cancer and the Moon concerns the home, domestic life, and the parents - especially the mother.
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The fifth house
This is the house of Leo and the Sun. This house affects creativity, pleasure, children, and the father -and love affairs.
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The sixth house
This is the house of Virgo and Mercury. This house relates to health, diet, exercise, routine work, and hobbies.
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The seventh house
The house of Libra and Venus is concerned with partnerships ~ not only emotional relationships but also business contacts. As to love, this is the house of commitment and emotional stability (the fifth house is associated with. more ephemeral affairs).
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The eighth house
The house of Scorpio and Pluto represents sex and money: the life for i.e., which sharpens and directs our sexual appetites, and also the money we acquire by our own efforts although. Sometimes by inheritance. It is traditionally the house of death - but often the death of old ways and the beginning of new life.
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The ninth house
The house of Sagittarius and Jupiter, which focuses on higher education, long distance travel (perhaps psychological travel), ideals, dreams, and challenges.
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The tenth house
The house of Capricorn and Saturn. Here the focus is on aspirations, ambitions, and social status.
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The eleventh house
The house of Aquarius and Uranus covers our social life, our objectives in life, our social conscience, and our relationships with our friends.
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The twelfth house
The house of Pisces and Neptune, and that of escapism and seclusion, faith and institutions. Ideas linked to hospitals and prisons. The twelfth house is indicative of the nature of the unconscious and the root of psychological problems.
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" Personalized" planets
Certain planets are "personal," which means that their effect is strengthened. The Sun and Moon are always personal planets. These are joined by the planet that rules the Ascendant (the chart ruler), the planet ruling the Sun sign (the Sun ruler), and the planet ruling the sign in which the Moon is placed (the Moon ruler).
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Afflicted planets
A planet is described as "afflicted" when it receives unfavorable aspects, such as the square and opposition, from another planet or planets.
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The cusp
The cusp is the line dividing a sign or house from its neighbor. The cusp of the .first sign is marked by the Ascendant. People born "on the cusp" (that is, with the Sun Very near this line do not share the attributes of two Sun signs: the Sun is either on one sign or the other.
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